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It’s been a ride!

A really great one! Since leaving a very successful IPO in 2015, Launchy has been one great experience after another. Thanks for stopping by.

Career Building

I spent almost two decades building a career as in technology companies in roles ranging from developer, CTO, CPO, COO, and CEO. I’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing teams and in companies from start-up to publically traded with thousands of employees. And in many industries ranging from retail, online, semiconductor, fintech and many more.

Launchy is founded to help Veterans

I initially started the business with inspiration from running new employee bootcamps for fast grouping companies. I inadvertently had 20% of the hiring class as veterans who were transitioning into civilian life. It was a great experience and thus I started Launchy to connect and share advice on making the transition to the tech sector. In my various trips on base and with interested companies, I learned how passionate people were to get involved. To this day, I still help vets with resume reviews and hiring recommendations.

Launchy Transition to Consultancy

For the last few years I’ve enjoyed helping businesses through a variety of projects ranging from due diligence, executive review and training, operational scale, development planning and new market strategies. It’s been very rewarding to share my experiences and tackle new problems with some of the most innovative and high growth companies in the country.

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