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Operations Scale and Growth

Product, Sales, and Ops Scale

You have bookings growing by 25%+ and now your Operations leader is telling you that you need double the staff. Can this be right? What happened to all of our efficiencies and tools?

It’s a common outcome for many fast growing technology companies and the solution isn’t as simple as hire the people nor is it to find some magical efficiency quotient.


An important first step is to decompose the current business and processes to understand what is standardized vs. highly variable. This is a holistic look through sales, product, development and implementations. Do the client expectations align with the company capabilities? Did the implementation team have clear product and services instructions to deliver? Was the product ready for this implementation? Did we discover custom processes and procedures the client didn’t describe in the sales process?


One or all of these types of things can derail even the best standardized processes. And sure, you could call them professional services but more times than not these clients won’t be expecting the extra time and money it will take to deliver on what they thought they were buying.

Quick Evaluation

Take this quick evaluation of your business. Do you have well defined systems or processes for:

  • Standard Product and Services Defined
  • The Client affirms the standard product
  • Sales capturing customizations or additional requests
  • Product capturing client customizations for future releases
  • Implementation empowered to handle customizations through SOWs
  • Client Support tracking customizations or integrations and maintaining them under the given SLAs


If you are unable to answer these affirmatively then you could have a problem scaling your business.

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