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How Are You Developing Your Greatest Asset?

As cliche and overused as it might be, your staff truly can be your greatest resource or your greatest challenge. Steve Jobs is famous for saying, I hire the brighter people and get out of their way. There’s definitely something to said for complete autonomy but are seeing the productivity and achievement you expect? Are you sure work is being executed to industry standards or better?

Launchy consultants have been in your shoes, and know the trials and tribulations of hiring the right resources, using meaningful training and onboard, and evaluating teams for continuous improvement.

How To Get the Best

Through decades of recruiting, player coaching and operating at all organizational sizes, we have developed solid frameworks for evaluating and improving your team and it’s members. Here are a few our specialties:

  • Aligning Role Responsibilities and Recruiting Top Talent
  • Onboarding / New Hire Orientations
  • Mentorship: Individual and Leadership
  • 1:1 and Performance Review
  • Skill assessments and Training Options


Workplaces can support autonomy by giving people real control over various aspects of their work — whether it’s deciding what to work on or when to do it.


The trick is not to give tasks fitting a person’s exact capabilities, but to give them space and support to reach a little higher to foster improvement, continual mastery, and growth.


Purpose is what gets you out of bed in the morning and into work without groaning and grumbling — something that you just can’t fake.

Evaluate Your Team

It can be tough to make non-biased decisions when you are so close your business and your staff. Let us examine the current team and expectations to give you some solid advice.

  • Do You Have Managers or Leaders?
  • Is Performance and Productivity Managed in a Standard Way?
  • Do You Have High Performers who are Disenchanted?
  • Do You Regularly Meet and Discuss Your Employee’s Aspirations?

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