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Product and SDLC

Product and Development processes are the foundation of most technology companies these days. You must have a strong product funnel and an equally strong development production lifecycle. Without it the business can’t reliable serve the market or customers.

I’ve spent two decades in product and SDLC work from small teams (1-3) to teams in the triple digits. I truly love to create, iterate and automate. Use my operator experience or the many tried and true solutions I’ve gleaned from consulting and due diligence. I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

Our Approach

We don’t come in and force a methodology or change everything for the sake of change.

We examine what is working and what’s not. Then we provide best practice methodologies, process and tool suggestions. At the same time evaluating the team and determining if there are skill or experience alignment issues.

Whether your team is 1 or 100, there’s always room for improvement and de-risk.

Let’s run down a simple assessment of your current situation:

  1. How is your product team capturing, evaluating and scheduling work to be done? Doesn’t represent what sales and the market need? What’s the economic value to cost evaluations being done?
  2. How are these products and features translating into initiatives, epics, and stories? Are details getting lost? Goals/milestones getting extended?
  3. Is your development team following a solid SDLC? Are they running unit testing, QA and CI?
  4. Are releases hitting their mark? Is the organization in sync with the SDLC process?
  5. Is Implementation or Operations aware and ready for the new releases?
  6. Ultimately, is there a feedback loop from Customer Service on defects?
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